PCC Landscaping is a Leader in Community-Based Landscaping

August 4, 2017 Student 616 about PCC Landscapingcommunityplanning

PCC Landscaping has been in business since 1965. Serving the greater Portland metropolitan area in landscaping services benefiting the entire community, PCC Landscaping works with communities to create green spaces that include the entire community. We offer consulting, planning, installation, and maintenance services at community-minded prices.


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Creating a Community Garden

July 21, 2017 Student 616 communityeducational

How to take unused portions of your neighborhood and turn them into usable, community gardens. FromNeglectedParcelsToCommunityGardens


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How to Make Your Front Door More Welcoming

July 21, 2017 Student 616 audioseducational

Listen to this podcast from the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) on beautifying your front entrance: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/victorygarden/rss/media/vg_33-20.mp3


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How to Plant a Window Box

July 21, 2017 Student 616 educationalvideos

This easy-to-follow video will help you with all your window box questions by Windowbox.com


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How to Choose Plantings

July 21, 2017 Student 616 photosplanning

So many flowers to choose from and places to plant them! Take time to decide if you have sun, shade, or a combination of both. Choose your color palette and whether they will be in the ground or in planter boxes or baskets.


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How to determine the cost of your project

July 9, 2012 Student 616 pricing

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Commercial Planning

July 9, 2012 Student 616 services

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Residential Planning

July 9, 2012 Student 616 services

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How to Plant a Window Box

July 9, 2012 Student 616 seasonalsmall gardenswindow box

This easy-to-follow video will help you with all your window box questions.


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Getting Your Yard Ready

July 8, 2012 Student 616 planningseasonal

Now is the time to start thinking about how you will get your yard ready for the upcoming season. Clear out any debris. Make a plan on paper for any new plants you want to add to your yard. Watch the weather forecast for the optimum time for planting. Make sure to sharpen the blades […]


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